Monday, July 17, 2006

What now??

Bad Idea Training, that’s what. I found out we won the Race Face Ultimate XC Challenge at about 6:00am on Saturday. I got on the horn with Josh the Wonderboy right away and told him we’d better start doing something. He agreed it would be a good idea to do something, but he wasn’t sure what that something was. We decided to meet up at a local trail that’s about 6 miles long and do 2-4 laps. Josh showed up with his doo-doo brown Kona Unit and our friend The Big Worm also showed up for some local fun. We got about 100 yards into the ride when Josh’s chain popped off. Hmmmmm…. Josh has been having problems with the sliding drops on his poopy Unit since he got it.

Sample picture of a Kona sliding dropout.



It is an issue which has needed attention for some time, but The Wonderboy’s had a lot on his plate recently with the birth of his son and a household move. The sliding drops keep sliding while he is riding causing his chain to fall off. I had mentioned if we won the trip to the Trans Rockies we would have to resolve the problem. Well we won, and the problem needed to be adressed. We decided to call the day short and get his bike in working order. The Big Worm and I rode one lap while Josh went back to the car, put on his sandals, and RAN most of a loop. Gotta hand it to him. Life hands him lemons, and he throws the lemons back in life’s face.

After a stop at Home Depot and a convenient store we had all the necessary parts and beer needed to do the job. We did some work with a Dremel, some with a drill, a little attention with a sanding block, and added an eye-bolt to his bike. I wanted to take a picture of our finished work as I have never seen anybody handle the sliding drop issue quite the way we had, but the beers clouded my judgement and I forgot. If I can remember I’ll get a photo some time. Day one of Bad Idea Training Camp was in the history books and we were off and running. The problem was we were running more hilly-nilly rather than with direction and purpose.

Day two of Bad Idea Training Camp was almost as successful as day one. I wanted to wake up and ride one of my bikes before someone turned the heat up in Charlotte. Unfortunately we are currently fostering a puppy. What does that have to do with the “Price is Right” in China? He has been sleeping in our bed, crawling on our heads, crying when he needs to go out, and generally keeping us up at night. By us, I mean The Pie. She has been adressing his needs throughout the week, so I decided I would watch him Sunday morning and let her sleep. By the time she woke up it was 90 degrees outside. I grabbed my Colnago since it’s TDF time and I always get inspired to do one or two road rides this time of year, and headed out the door dressed in full roady flair. I rode over to The Booty Loop to just get in some miles. The problem with the 3 mile Booty Loop is that there are always riders out riding on it. Unless you can check your ego at the door you will end up chasing down somebody in front of you to just find out that there is somebody else in front of you. It never ends and if you are deeply in touch with your inner Viking you spend the whole day chasing down “breakaways”. This is definitely not the place to go ride after watching a stage of theTDF just hours beforehand. I ended up blowing myself up twenty miles into the ride, and I mean BLOWN UP. I had my heart rate pegged most of the time that I was out there which basically means I am a dumbass. I decided to peal off of the Booty and I rode over to Black Sheep Cycles to take a much needed pee break before heading home with 35 miles of road riding behind me. That’s not much training for a guy going to do the Trans Rockies in three weeks, but since I rode myself into the ground it’ll do.

Thanks again for all the votes. I keep going back to the Race Face home page so I can see “Team Bad Idea Racing’s” name in “lights”. I turn up the volume on my speakers so I can hear all the dramatic booming noises that accompany the images. It brings a smile to my face everytime (close to 50-60 times by now) I watch it. Thanks for making me smile. 

Oh yeah, the Trans Rockies has been OFFICIALLY added to my schedule over to the right.

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7 Responses to “What now??”

  1. “we are currently fostering a puppy”

    Seriously? So cool. Sorry way OT but my wife’s gonna love that there’s another cycle nut out there like me. Well, like us really. We’ve had so many pups through here we’ve lost count. Check it out:

    You foster? That puts you at the top of her list. Outstanding.

  2. swolfe says:

    come to butthead.

    the mountains beckon. what’s one more weekend away when you are heading to Canada for a couple of weeks.


  3. Rootberry says:

    I wish that you could attach a cam to your helmet and stream the whole TR thang live over the intrawebs..

  4. Can’t wait to hear all about it guys! mabe next year i’ll have to see about a fixie team =) Dicky you up for that?



  5. Brandon says:

    Check out this forum post: but it sounds like you guys figured it out. You should post a reply as to how you fixed the problem. I have two Kona’s with the same drop outs and I have never had a sliding issue. Thanks guys I am living vicariously through you as you prepare for the TR!! I am also tring to organize a new Pacific Northwest Endurance Race check it out:

  6. Dicky says:

    Brandon, Yeah, I read all the threads on MTBR @ the problem. That’s where we got two of our three ideas.

  7. The Pie- AKA Dick's Wife says:

    2 old 2 go slow, Hi there! I was behind in reading Dicky’s blog and I just checked out your website- SO neat!!
    It is great to know there are others out there that seek to make a difference in the lives of animals! We volunteer at the Humane Society of Charlotte on the weekends. So many unwanted pets- it is heartbreaking at times.

    By the way- the “Donate a Puppy” page on your website- has a picture of a pup that looks just like our current foster puppy. So cute! I think we got about 4 hours of sleep last night from his incessant crying- so perhaps we should donate him to you! :o )